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Benefits Of Softwashing



High-Quality Detergents

Many pressure washing companies actually damage properties with the use of cheap detergents. We only use high-quality detergents that are professionally tested on the same materials used to build your home. 


Risk-Free PSI

During our soft washing services, we ensure that your property is getting rinsed at the same pressure or PSI as your garden hose.  We use low PSI to eliminate the change of water damage. 


Save Time & Money

Don’t spend your only off days climbing up ladders and trying your hardest to get the algae stains off your siding. Let the professionals take care of it for you at a competitive price.


Our Professional Services Are Safer

Soft washing your home can be a dangerous activity so it is better left off to the experienced and licensed professionals. Our team knows all the safety measures to take on each job. 


Environmentally Friendly Soft Washing

Our soft washing service is eco-friendly because of the biodegradable detergents that we use. It is 100% safe to let your family and pets outside after our soft washing service. 


Keep Your Home Clean Longer

Our knowledgeable staff members use industry-tested techniques to ensure that your stay clean long after we have completed the job. Call the professional soft washers today for a free estimate. 

Soft Washing Professionals

Your home isn’t really just filthy, it’s contaminated. Dirt, dust, and debris gather gradually, producing a setting that nurtures the growth of fungi, mildew, mold, algae and extra microorganisms on your roofing system and various other surfaces. We call that the biomass. Learn more about Commercial Exterior Cleaning in Selbyville, Delaware

Regular pressure washing, or power washing, simply gets rid of the outer layer of this biomass but doesn’t solve the root of this infestation– so the problem comes back again and again.

Soft washing Professionals does not just clean the surface areas, it eliminates the microorganisms that cause the trouble in the first place, offering a service that lasts 4 to 6 times longer than typical exterior cleaning methods.

Soft Washing Is More Effective Than Just Pressure Washing

Soft washing is a better alternate to conventional power cleaning.

Our cleansing formula established by SoftWash Systems makes use of water-based, biodegradable chemicals to break down dirt and grime, eliminate bug nests and webs. In addition, the system kills mold, mildew, algae as well as bacteria on your roof covering and various other surface areas– leaving them clean and also sanitized.

Soft washing eradicates the microorganisms that cause discoloring while pressure washing merely washes off the surface layer. Furthermore, soft washing does not make use of damaging high pressure, unlike power washing. Soft washing treatments last much longer than power washing treatments.

If you’re looking for a way to get rid of what’s expanding on the surface of your roofing system, deck or fence, break the cycle of continuous pressure washing and also use an option that treats the issue like a pest, not a stain.

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Our Reviews

Ocean Waves Soft Wash did a fantastic job washing my 2 story home. I highly recommend them. Their cleaning included doing our deck, patio, and outdoor furniture on them — the deck and furniture was so well done they looked like new. This was so much better than high-pressure washing. Hire them and you I’ll be pleased.

Barry Watson

“Brandon and his assistant were on time, wearing a mask and extremely polite. We went over the work to be performed and walked around the house looking for any potential issues or concerns. They taped up the door bell and the key lock on the door. Their work was meticulous and and their attention to detail was second to none. I would highly recommend Ocean Waves Soft Wash and their experience team of technicians. You can count on me using Ocean Waves Soft Wash in the spring.”

Michael Livingston

“After needing to reschedule twice, Due to birds nests in our columns, we finally were able to get our home done. It looks beautiful & amazing! So happy we did this. Very professional, very accommodating & understanding to our need to cancel original appts. I would recommend them to anyone. The technician, Riley, was polite, professional, & thorough.”

Helyne Cefalu

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